Software Development

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We can offer your company end-to-end custom software development services to make your project get off flying. Whether you are a start-up and still need to conceptualize your idea and prove the concept with persuasive visuals to your investors or you just seek to extend your in-house team to meet the tech competence, time & budget expectations, Tech-Baza is happy to provide its assistance at each stage of SDLC from business analysis and prototyping to development and deployment of your solution.

If you would like to have made-to-order product instead of ordinary off-the-shelf solutions, our software developers will help you build a solution to align completely with your business aspirations, corporate procedures and internal communication processes!

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  • Frequent and early prototyping
  • Incremental, iterative delivery of working systems
  • Clear technical debt policy, definition of done
  • Active business stakeholder involvement
  • Business and IT collaboration
  • Reliable teams: stable, cross-functional, scalable
  • Monitoring: KPIs mapped to business goals and priorities